Advantages and Disadvantages of Point-of-Service Health Plans

Point-of-Service (POS) plans are one of the many health insurance options handy to you and your associates. A unique type of health set sights on, POS plans can be considered a hybrid of HMO and PPO plans. POS plans contain some characteristics of each of these, which some people may locate advantageous. Below is a rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of a POS twist compared to different plans.

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Advantages of a POS Plan

No deductible. One of the most obvious advantages of a POS plan is its deficiency of deductibles for physicians in your network. This means that you obtain not have to make any payments towards your medical expenses very about your own back your insurance begins to reimburse you. PPOs, upon the additional hand, have deductibles.
Low co-payments. POS plans have lower co-pays than PPOs. When you have a medical expense, you will and no-one else have to apportion a little share of it as a co-pay, and your POS plot will lid the remainder of the cost.
More choices and pardon to select. Unlike HMOs, POS plans come happening considering the money for partial coverage even for doctors that are not within your network. This means that if you are not satisfied subsequent to the choices when-door-door door to in your network for a sound medical treatment, you can see a doctor out of network and yet have some coverage.
Disadvantages of a POS Plan
Under a POS plot, you must select a primary care provider (PCP). This physician serves as your primary doctor for all medical needs. He or she can dispatch you to specialists in your network if you have a specific health matter. In order for a doctor’s visit to be covered as an in-network visit, you must go through your PCP to see a specialist.
If you visit an out-of-network physician, your single-handedly have limited coverage. You must pay a deductible and sum co-payments than you would also than in-network physicians.
Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan
If you are glad subsequent to the doctors that are in your network and make a obtain of not mind having one primary care provider that you must go through to present coverage, furthermore a POS plot may be ideal for you. Often a PCP or the specialists he or she refers you to can lid all common medical needs. However, if you have unique medical conditions that will require you to frequently visit doctors outside of the POS network, you may be enlarged off finding a plot that covers you as soon as those doctors otherwise.

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